lundi, mars 06, 2006

Mon premier avatar

In Hinduism, an avatar or avatara (Sanskrit), is the incarnation (bodily manifestation) of an Immortal Being, or of the Ultimate Supreme Being. It derives from the Sanskrit word avata-ra which means "descent" and usually implies a deliberate descent into mortal realms for special purposes. The term is used primarily in Hinduism, for incarnations of Vishnu the Preserver, whom many Hindus worship as God.

-- J'avais oublié!

This definition has recently been applied to online virtual communities and Internet forums in particular, as a picture that a member/user of such a community/forum has elected to display alongside his or her contributions in order to represent him or herself. Avatars have also become popular in Instant Messaging, and are sometimes referred to as Buddy icons , display pictures by Instant Messenger users or simply icons.

-- Il était temps que je crée le mien!

Source: Wikipedia!


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